Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pelister National Park's Marked Trail Through Capari

It is great to know that there's now a marked hiking footpath that takes tourists through the churches and monasteries on Pelister National Park.  Below you will find an excerpt from the Bitola Tourist Info website about the footpath that takes you to Capari's churches and monasteries.  To learn more, please visit the link below or just go to Capari and see for yourself! :)

Churches and Monasteries on National Park Pelister - Bitola Tourist Info Website

"Pelister National Park has undertaken to mark and maintain a hiking footpath that would enable all nature lovers and cultural heritage admirers to visit the churches and monasteries of the villages on the slopes of Mount Pelister.  The first part of the footpath begins in the village of Trnovo and, through the villages of Magarevo and Rotino, leads to the village of Capari, while its second part passes by the churches and monasteries in the village of Maloviste....
...The first part of this mountain trail ends in the village of Capari, and brings the hiker to St. Petka's Monastery and St. George's Church. The monastery was built in the 16th century, while the existing monastic church was built in the 19th century. For a long time, this monastery was under the Diocese of Ohrid, while being within the administrative boundaries of the County of Bitola. The monastery was in a rather poor state of repair until 1724, when, as historical evidence shows, it was restored by a priest named Dionysius. The fire that broke out in the late 19"h century consumed its iconostasis, icons and most of the church's contents.
      However, the damaged sections were soon restored with the help of the congregation. The church occupies the centre of the monastery, its east, south and west walls being flanked by the monastic chambers whose high balconies are connected and form a single ensemble. The congregation flocks to this monastery every 8th September (Error: Sv. Petka is celebrated on August 8th) to celebrate the monastery's feast.
      Capari's spiritual heritage is further complemented by St. George's Church, whose foundations were laid by the local population on 11th May 1888. The church's frescoes date back to 1890 and are the work of Josif Radevik from the village of Lazaropole, near Debar. The church was consecrated on 26th July 1891, when there were 196 households in the village." 

-Churches and Monasteries on National Park Pelister, Bitola Tourist Info Website (

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