Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Babari Celebration in Sydney, Australia 2011


Babari Celebration in Sydney, Australia 2011

Despite being so far away from home, the Caparci in Sydney, Australia have managed to keep the tradition of Babari alive for many years.  Thank you Nikola Sepentulevski for uploading this 51 minute long video of this year's celebration!  Enjoy! :)


Gorgi Sepentulevski said...

This video clip was uploaded by Nikola Sepentulevski who's father Gorgi Sepentulevski took part in the celebration. This ancient tradition from Capari-Macedonia has been celebrated by Caparcani who migrated in Sydney Australia for the past 25 years. Babari celebration is only one of a kind in the whole World as this is not a carnival or fête known throughout the World, but a unique tradition which symbolises the descention of St. Ilija from the clouds to the ground amongst Caparcani.

Tanya said...

It's so wonderful that the Babari tradition has been celebrated in Sydney the last 25 years. I enjoyed watching the video, as did many other Caparchani around the world. I'll make sure to edit the original post and add Nikola's name! :)